Top Household Appliances-Thanks to Machines

If you are a regular visitor to our site you know we love all types of machines and appreciate the ease and reliability they bring into our lives. From drain snakes, to big machines, simple machines, all the way to the mechanisms that open your garage door, machines are constant in our everyday lives and often don’t get the recognition they deserve. In the era of technology that we live in these days most of us don’t even realize how much we utilize machines on a regular basis. Especially those machines that make up our household appliances. Check out our list of the top appliances that life would be so much harder without and that we have thanks to the invention of the machine!

Top Home Appliances Thanks To Machines

  • clock-simple-machineClocks- Yep that’s right the clock is perhaps one of the most simple machines out there but one we definitely couldn’t do without.  What once started out as a sundial with pretty much a stick in the sand/dirt transformed into one of the most utilized simple machines in the world that we ALL use every single day!
  • Refrigerator- Honestly could you imagine life without one? It’s true that manysimple-machine-appliance people in developing countries still do not have refrigerators and make do, however for those of us that are fortunate to have them it sure does make life and keeping or food from spoiling so much easier!
  • Washing Machine- Again while people in other countries do not have a washing machine for those of us that washing-machinedo, can you imagine how much harder everyday life would be if we didn’t.  We simply throw a load in and it does the hard work for us and in a decent amount of time. Once again thanks to the invention of simple machines.
  • Air Conditioning- For those of us that live in hot places our air conditioning systems are a must have during the summer months.  We simply hit a button on our thermostat and are rewarded with cool air flowing through and cooling off our homes. While the cost of fixing the unit isn’t always the greatest, the comfort they allow us to live in definitely is incredible.
  • Microwaves- Again a luxury that not all of us may own but it is still safe to say that having one does make things so much easier.  Whether you are on the run due to your busy lifestyle or you forgot to defrost the chicken for tonight’s dinner having a microwave speeds things up and can make life so much easier!

While there are a number of other appliances found in our homes and at our jobs that we could mention, these 5 are some of our top picks.  With the development of the 6 simple machines these appliances were able to be brought to life. As technology advances we can only imagine the advances in a lot of machines as well. If you weren’t a lover of machines before reading this post, you just might be now!