Drain Snake Machines & How They Have Evoloved

drain-snake-machineAs you fellow readers may know we love machines!  Whether it’s simple machines or more complex bigger machines we do not discriminate against any type of machine.  In previous posts we talked about technological advances and how they are changing both the machine world as well as our world as people.  Some machines may be taking over some of our jobs with technological advances and some may simply be making our jobs easier. What we can say as far as technological advances of machines, is that a lot of times they tend to not only make our jobs easier but also a lot safer!  In fact the drain snake machine is one of the greater examples, and I’m sure all you plumbers out there can appreciate this article! The drain snake or drain cleaning machine is also referred to as a “cable machine” or a “drain auger” and is used to clean and unclog drains in both residential and commercial properties.  When the drain snake was first invented it consisted of metal tape the was flat. In an effort to make it more useful and efficient in clearing bends and turns in the pipe, coil springs were added. However, although it made unclogging and cleaning drains easier the “machine” was man powered and often took a lot of a plumbers energy and physical strength. But then technological advances came into play and professional plumbers now use drain machines that have motors attached, cable and cutting blade attachments and machines that are generally lighter and a lot more powerful taking away a lot of the physical labor needed to operate them.  In turn these advancements also proved to be a lot safer and less injuries were seen. Now a days there are two types of drain machines that can be used to help drain obstruction and clogs!

Types Of Drain Snake Machines

  • Continuous Cable Machines- These drain snake machines are often the mostplumber-drain-snake used by professional plumbers because it tends to get the job done a lot faster and with less leakage or splatter from sewer water & debris.  It is often heavier than a sectional cable machine that can be used to clean and unclog sewers and drains as well. Continuous cable machines are made up of a cable, drum and power auger unit/motor. All encompassed in one housing unit.
  • Sectional Cable Machine- These types of drain cleaning machines are lighter and easier to travel with than that of continuous cable machines and thus are often used by everyday people looking to take care of the drain cleaning job themselves. They are made up of a power auger unit and cables that are separate from each other.  While these machines may be lighter and easier to transport they often take longer to get the sewer obstruction or drain clog cleaned and cleared.

sewer-clog-machineWhile many of us like to try and take care of jobs around our homes ourselves to save money and the use of professionals, when it comes to handling machines we suggest leaving it to the professionals.  Especially with plumbing issues if you are not quite sure on how to operate a machine correctly it is best to seek the aid of a professional plumber. Plumbing pipes and systems are often intricate and one wrong move or misshapen can often cause a lot more damage then there originally was to begin with.  Plumbing repairs especially big ones can become expensive and require a professional in the end anyway. Machines in all aspects of work and life are great devices and can offer a lot of support and ease when completing a job. But it is VERY important that you understand the machine that is at use, its safety rules and how to properly use it!