Big Machines That Do Big Things!

greatest-big-machinesOur blog is dedicated to machines and their different uses, how they make life easier and what technology has in store for them in the near & far future.  We have discussed the 6 simple machines that are used virtually everyday and help to make life’s task a lot easier. But what about the big machines out there that revolutionized life?  I can think of 30 big machines that have changed the way we live and have helped us evolve over the years, dating back to when our transportation was covered wagons and their were no cell phones or big machines to aid in farming etc.   Check out our list of big machines that should not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Big Machines That Have Made A Big Difference

  • hubble-telescopeThe Hubble Telescope- the Hubble Telescope has been deemed the most powerful telescope in all of history and is named after astronomer Edwin Hubble.  Edwin invented the very first telescope that helped to discover that our universe is continually expanding. Decades later with the invention of the powerful Hubble Telescope, that is constantly orbiting Earth, it is the most important advancement in astronomy and allows astronomers and scientists to gain better understanding and knowledge of our Earth and universe.
  • CT Scan-  the invention of this machine revolutionized x-rays and helped doctors see into a patient to find issues without actually having to cut them open.  Sir Godfrey Newbold Hounsfield created the CT Scanner in 1971 which allowed for multiple x-rays of the patient to be done from different angles and then put into a three dimensional image for doctors and others in the medical field to have a better understanding of the patients ailments and issues.  He won a Nobel Prize in medicine for his invention of this machine.
  • The Printing Press- probably one of if not the most important machine ever printing-press-machineinvented.  Johannes Gutenberg invented the machine and it’s first production began in Germany in 1450.  Before the Printing Press books had to be re-written by hand which was a long and tedious process.  With the invention of the Press the cost of books was reduced and education was now available to millions rather than just a select number of people.  It helped to introduce newspapers and journals and drastically changed the way the world was able to read, view news etc.
  • Model T- Henry Ford may not have produced and invented the first automobile, but he definitely revolutionized the automobile industry with his Model T invention in 1908. After seeing what an assembly line production could do for different industries he decided to being assembly line production to the automobile industry!  He first started the assembly line in this Detroit factories and cut the time and cost of making a car in half. This enabled him to offer his automobiles at a lower price and thus making them available to not only the rich but all middle class Americans as well! Thank you Henry Ford!

These 4 BIG machines alone have done wonders for health, transportation, and human life in general. To think these are only 4 of the big machines that have contributed to making the quality of life better for all in the world.  Machines are very important and constantly are improved upon or new models are built that have better features and can be utilized more. Although we don’t want machines completely taking over our world we should appreciate what they do bring and the way they help to improve the quality of life on an everyday basis.