6 Simple Machines-Can You Name Them?

Machinery is all around us and helps us to perform many day to day tasks. However, wheel-and-axledid you know that there are actually 6 classified machines known as “Simple Machinery” ? Now you maybe asking yourself what could those 6 simple machines be? We have a run down on each machine and what their use is for!

6 Types of Simple Machinery


  • Lever- this type of machinery consists of a pole or rod and is coupled with a fulcrum lever-simple-machineto boost efficiency. What exactly is a fulcrum?  A fulcrum is basically the point where a level is able to pivot. Items that you may not have realized are levers consist of door handles, crowbars & bottle openers to name a few!
  • Inclined Plane- also referred to as a ramp the idea of this type of simple machine is that one end of the inclined plane is higher than the other.  When we think of inclined planes common items we may associate are wheelchair ramps, skatepark ramps, ramps to get on and off a airplane.  Other items that are modified versions of an inclined plane are stairs, escalators & ladders!
  • Wedge- usually consisting of 2 inclined planes put together, wedges are often used to separate objects. Thes types of wedges are things like shovels, knives and scissors.   However, in some cases a wedge can actually be used to hold 2 or more things scissors-wedge-machinetogether! Sounds kind of contradicting right? Examples of wedges that hold things together that you may never guess to be a wedge are staples, nails and push pins.
  • Wheel & Axle-  The wheel of course was one of the most pivotal types of machines invented and has changed our lives since its invention. . When coupled with an axle(rod or pole) placed in the wheels center the wheel is able to turn and move forward or backward.  The wheel and axle were detrimental in the invention of the automobile! Think how much easier life is with a car!
  • pulley-simple-machineThe Pulley- another version of the wheel and axle with a rope or some type of cord added.  It allows for objects both large and small to be moved backward or forward. A pulley can work alone or be part of a pulley system that allows for heavy objects to be moved with less strain to an individual pulley.  Think elevators, window blinds and boats, these are all items that use a pulley or pulley system.
  • The Screw- most people are surprised to find that the screw makes the list of the 6 simple machines we use on a daily basis.  However, the crew is basically in the family of inclined plane. The screw is able to move from a lower position to a higherscrew-simple-machinery position.   It can also hold things together. Think outside of the box a bit and a screw is just more than that little object you build shelves and such with.  It is laos found as the lid of a jar, at the end of a light bulb, etc,

Machines are around us and utilized in everyday life more than we realize.  Machines can range from something small to something big and heavy and each machine performs a different job. These 6 simple machines have helped to make tasks and jobs easier and more efficient.