Will Some Jobs Be Taken Over By Machines???

Many if not all of us utilize machines everyday.  After being introduced to the 6 simple machines and their uses you can pretty much see how they help us in many tasks and aspects of everyday life.  While we appreciate them and they definitely help make things easier and more convenient, what if machines started to slowly take over jobs in the workforce?  Sounds a bit crazy right? With the advance of technology that is forever ongoing it may not seem as far fetched as one might think. In fact in recent studies done it is been found that many everyday jobs will be replaced by machines in the following years to come.  Jobs that require a more creative and social aspect may be safe for the time being but what about the jobs listed below?

Jobs Being Replaced By Machines

  • Cashiers- Most of us have seen an example of a machine taking over for a humanself-checkout-cashier cashier with self checkouts at the grocery store.  While there still is a person in place overseeing any issues, troubleshooting, and offering support one person can be in charge of at least 4-6 self checkouts.  While some chain stores have removed their self checkouts due to customer complaints, many still have them in place. Something to think about right?
  • machine-telephone-operatorTelephone Operators/Customer Service Reps-  I’m sure many if not all of us have dealt with the automated systems that many companies now use.  In fact many customer service or call centers start the telephone call with an automated service instead of a live person.  While you can still eventually) be connected to a love being to help you, it’s not that easy as just a simple phone call. With technological advances on the rise when will live people be vetoed entirely?
  • Bank Tellers- While there are still live bank tellers many people often complete their banking transactions through the ATM machines. Especially with the ease of having a code text to  your phone should you forget your bank card, mobile deposits and such it’s so much easier for people and a lot faster it seems in busy day to day life to pull up and use the ATM machine.atm-machine
  • Travel Agents- Travel agents used to be a hot commodity and many people used them to book cruises, vacations and getaways.  But travel agents and travel agencies are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Why? Think sites like Orbitz, Expedia,etc.  Bow an individual can surf the web on their own time comparing different site prices and rates available all from the comfort of your home, office even your mobile phone on the go.  It’s pretty simple to book a trip with flights, hotel and rental car all included all on just one site and many times getting package deal incentives.

These are just a few of the many jobs that are threatened or already have become taken over by machines.  While we appreciate the aid of machines what about our economy and the jobs that these machines are slowly taking over?  Many people that are employed in these job positions make their living and support their families with this income. Not to mention while technology and its advancements are quite incredible, what about human contact and communication?  These are all things to think about before we become a world completely taken over by both machines and technology.